Building power in communities begins with building strong bonds.

These are Exigent Times.

We are in a struggle at the intersection of historical material conditions that have been informed by and continue to inform the capitalist, imperialist, white supremacist patriarchy. This intersection orients how we understand and engage with a world in ecological crisis. In this struggle, we must acknowledge the terrain before us, in order to build power, for the purposes of dismantling the forces and structures of exploitation, subjugation, dehumanization, and extermination. 

Especially in the South, the spaces in which we must organize are, or will potentially become, hostile to us. 

The State, along with its agents, allies, and ancillaries are hostile to the work we do and to the struggle in which we are engaged. In the face of these conditions, we must acknowledge that it is our duty to fight for our freedom, and to win. 

This task will be difficult, at times unpopular, and must be guided by strategic relationships, and rooted in solidarity with those with whom we share common cause. 

We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.