The Workplace Organizing Committee (WOC) is a permanent fixture of the Memphis-Midsouth Chapter dedicated to supporting labor, unionization efforts, cooperative formation, and other pro-worker businesses.


The Ad Hoc Committee for the Purpose of Passing Legislation during Memphis’ Election Timeframe (PPLMET) aims to pass legislation to improve the quality of representation and participation in the City of Memphis. It does so in anticipation of pushing for further legislation in the future.

Membership Education & Engagement

The Membership Education and Engagement Committee is responsible for the political education of the Local Chapter and developing educational processes for the chapter membership as well as outward facing political educational efforts.


These committees were created by the collective and democratic decisions of our chapter's members based on an assessment of our capacity and interest. As such, they are not and should not be the final word on committees in our organization. If there is work you want to do toward a socialist future and live in the Memphis-Midsouth region, join DSA.

We can work together and form yet new institutions to accomplish the many other areas of needed work.

Contact to get connected with any of these committees.